REDOG Swiss disaster dog association

REDOG is the only volunteer organization in Switzerland that trains rescue dogs to search for people buried in rubble.
CHF 120,000
JAN-DEC 2018

The partnership with Bern-based Search & Rescue organization the Swiss Disaster Dog Association (REDOG) dates to early 2011, when the JTI Foundation supported a one-week REDOG training session in Geneva, to mark the 40th anniversary of the Swiss organization.

The Foundation’s relationship with REDOG was substantially enhanced in 2012 with its agreement to provide three years of funding for the volunteer organization’s long-term development.

Strategic funding for organizational and operational capacity building was extended for a further three years at the end of 2014, covering the period between 2015 and 2017 inclusive.

Initial funding was allocated to three priority areas: the purchase of search & rescue equipment; disaster-preparedness training in Switzerland and overseas; and capacity-building and professional development. As a result, some 700 volunteers from 12 regions of Switzerland received training between 2012 and 2015.

This funding for capacity building, administrative expenses and logistics was extended again in late 2014 for a further three years. The JTI Foundation now supports a number of key activities – including the purchase of technical equipment, training in Switzerland and abroad, the maintenance of REDOG’s training center in Ostermundigen, website and database support, and the work of strategic and technical working groups.

REDOG also collaborates with other JTI Foundation Search & Rescue partners including Peace Winds Japan, and GEA. REDOG signed a protocol for international deployments with GEA in 2014.