We recognize the importance of a website that is accessible to all user groups,
including the disabled, the visually impaired and those with motor deficiencies and cognitive disabilities. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback regarding the accessibility of this site, or if you experience any difficulty using it.

We’ve designed this site with accessibility in mind. General features include:

  • the use of common web conventions
  • avoiding the use of blinking or flickering elements
  • the use of validated html and cascading style sheets (CSS)

We have strove to ensure that our website is usable by all visitors. In some cases the website provides enhanced features via JavaScript. Our goal is to provide equivalent functionality for users who are not able to use JavaScript.

Font and text size

While we’ve used clear, legible font for all text and headings. In the Firefox browser, select View, then Zoom, and then choose increase. In Internet Explorer, please select View, then Text Size, then Large or Largest. When browsing our Flash site, right click on a PC or control-click on a Mac to enable zoom functionality.

Style sheets

This site uses cascading style sheets (CSS) for visual layout. Where possible, we’ve also made our website navigable, usable and readable if your browsing device does not support style sheets.

Non-text elements

Providing alternatives for non-text elements gives visually impaired and screen-reader users wider access to our website.

Images, videos and other non-text elements

We’ve made it possible to use our site without having to view graphics or images. All non-text elements, such as images, animations, symbols, audio, video and multimedia have text equivalents. We’ve done this by providing descriptive alt attributes for them. Purely decorative graphics or formatting images have empty alt attributes.

Links and navigation

We’ve structured our website so that it is simple and streamlined to use, helping to improve the experience for all.


We’ve made navigation links consistent between pages throughout the site.


We try not to use frames as they are a barrier to accessibility.