Training the next generation of humanitarian workers with RedR UK in the Middle East and North Africa

The JTI Foundation and RedR UK are extending their disaster management training partnership.
Since 2017, The JTI Foundation has supported RedR UK’s work in the Middle East and North Africa, helping to build the knowledge and skills of individuals and organisations for more effective humanitarian action.
jti foundation allocation
CHF 294,330
January 2019 - December 2020
implementing partner

The program has been delivering impressive results; to date, 290 people in Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq have received training in essential disaster management skills, and 85% of participants have found the courses highly relevant to their work.

Within the scope of the extended program, RedR UK will deliver 40 open courses to 640 aid workers at International and National NGOs, and CBO staff.

Twenty-four of the standard courses will take place in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey and 16 shorter ‘pop-up’ courses will be held in locations in Indonesia, Myanmar or the Philippines. The training will cover topics such as People Management and Leadership, Monitoring and Evaluation, Cash Programming, Proposal and Report writing, and Project Cycle Management.

Skilled and well-resourced humanitarian organisations are at the heart of effective emergency response, working to ensure people can access the food, shelter, protection and services they need to survive crises and rebuild and recover their lives. With the support of the JTI Foundation, RedR UK will deliver practical, life-saving skills to aid workers in the Middle East and North Africa, helping to build more effective humanitarian response and protect those most at risk. The indirect beneficiaries of this program will be the communities that these agencies work with across the region.

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