Strengthening governmental disaster management

The majority of disaster management resources in Lebanon have historically been dedicated to relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction after events of disaster.
jti foundation allocation
CHF 489,000
2014 - 2016
implementing partner
Lebanese Disaster Risk Management Unit

In 2014, the JTI Foundation began supporting the Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Unit of the Government of Lebanon in the development of a wide-ranging program, drawing-in a number of stakeholders to strengthen the country’s disaster risk management strategies – designed to improve Lebanon’s readiness in the face of future natural disasters. 

This project supports the DRM Unit’s efforts to develop and implement national disaster risk reduction programming and stakeholder systems in Lebanon through two main components: a preparedness plan for key ministries and agencies that play a significant role in cases of disaster; and second, strengthening the resilience of five pilot municipalities to catastrophes.

Program activities are wide-ranging and include trainings, coordination between relevant stakeholders, the provision of risk assessments and technical assistance to localities through the provision of small grants. These grants, (USD 50,000 each) will be given to five municipalities participating in this project.

As a result, Lebanon will have moved closer towards a comprehensive preparedness and mitigation plan at the local level, ensuring the long-term resilience of Lebanon’s cities and their communities.

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