Psychosocial intervention in South Sudan

The population of South Sudan has suffered chronic and violent armed conflict, causing massive internal displacement.
The JTI Foundation is supporting the Swiss Academy for Development (SAD) with programs to help victims develop resilience in response to humanitarian crises.
jti foundation allocation
CHF 600,000
2014 - 2016
implementing partner
The Swiss Academy for Development
In 2012, the JTI Foundation partnered with SAD to support a pilot project providing 500 women from the Kajo Keji county with sports and play-based psychosocial support. This initiative was implemented by local non-governmental organization South Sudan Psychosocial Program (SSPP), with the support and oversight of SAD, which provided extensive capacity building on the application of trauma-informed sport & play-based interventions specifically aimed at traumatized women. These activities increased women’s confidence, and started healing their trauma, in turn making their households more resilient in facing post-conflict challenges.

In January, following completion of the first year the program, the JTI Foundation extended its support to SAD for another three years to ensure that the achievements of the pilot phase are more deeply assimilated, ensuring their long-term sustainability.

In this second phase, the program will extend its reach to a further 200 women while continuing to involve beneficiaries from the first phase in the sports and play activities. In addition, the second phase will build on internal and third-party evaluations conducted during the pilot project phase, to include much needed small scale income generating initiatives, promoting inclusion of participants’ husbands (whose support is crucial to the program's overall success) and focusing on capacity building for local partner, SSPP.
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