Rebuilding Community Centers

Support to the Ofunato community
In the wake of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami, 34 of Ofunato City’s 132 community centers were partly or completely destroyed.

These centers play a vital role in civic life, and our partner in this program, KnK Japan is rebuilding, or renovating 10 of these facilities.


jti foundation allocation
CHF 640,000
2012 - 2016
implementing partner
KnK Japan

In Japan, community centers are places where people of all ages gather to play, study, hold meetings and organize traditional events. During times of national crisis, community centers also play an essential role in disaster response – serving as shelters, distribution bases and communication hubs. Their importance to the communities they serve cannot be underestimated.

KnK Japan (‘Children without Borders’) – a Japanese not-for-profit organization – has already completed community center rebuilding projects in nearby Yamada and Kamaishi cities. With the JTI Foundation’s backing, KnK Japan works closely with Ofunato’s local authorities and beneficiary communities to develop and implement an ambitious rebuilding project. The JTI Foundation’s support continues with funding for the reconstruction of a further eight permanent centers. As a result, a total of around 5,000 individuals from 17 local communities are expected to benefit from this program.

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