Support to victims of the Cudalbi flash floods

Cudalbi was amongst the villages most affected by Romania's 2013 floods.

The effects of the disaster were particularly severe in Cudalbi as the majority of the population is elderly, most of the youth having moved away. Habitat for Humanity Romania (HFHR)considered this issue before selecting this village for particular attention. 

jti foundation allocation
CHF 85,125
2013 – 2014
implementing partner
Habitat for Humanity Romania

Located in the northeast of Romania, Galati county is a high-risk area for floods. In September 2013, heavy rains inundated Galati leaving 39 villages affected. The assessment conducted at that time estimated that some 6,100 people had to be evacuated, and that over 1,700 homes had been seriously damaged, including 50 that had completely collapsed.

Implemented between December 2013 and June 2014, this project comprised two main components. The first was to considerably improve the living conditions of victims by providing for structural repairs and the rehabilitation of 20 houses.

The second component addressed periodic environmental disasters by creating a culture of prevention among residents. The elderly were prioritized with measures strengthening their awareness of disaster risks and helping them acquire the knowledge necessary to take preventive actions – as in most disasters, the local community plays a crucial role for the mitigation of loss of life and property. 

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