ShelterBox UK - Delivering out of the box

Providing aid to the world’s most vulnerable people and growing ShelterBox’s operational capacity
ShelterBox and the JTI Foundation have been partners since 2012.
Across this time, the JTI Foundation has consistently provided support in four areas: monitoring and evaluation; training and development; response team recruitment and training; and the provision of aid to families affected by disaster.
jti foundation allocation
CHF 300,000
January 2019 - December 2020
implementing partner
ShelterBox, UK

In addition to the long-term capacity building programming, the JTI Foundation has also supported a number of country-specific interventions in countries as varied as Malawi, Malaysia, Nepal, Sudan, Cameroon, Niger and most recently Lombok, Indonesia.

Families whose homes have been destroyed or significantly damaged benefit from this project. According to ShelterBox’s estimate there will be 17,400 program beneficiaries in total, of whom 2,400 will benefit directly from interventions funded by the JTI Foundation.

In the program’s current phase, monitoring and evaluation activities will continue to ensure that interventions are of higher quality and more effective than ever before, and that accountability is also improved. 16 new ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) volunteers will be recruited and fully trained to increase capacity in the field, and 16 existing SRT volunteers will receive team lead training, increasing response capacity by approximately 30 percent. leadership skills.  Finally, life-saving shelter will be directly provided to 480 vulnerable families affected by disaster around the world.

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