JTI Foundation Bangkok Disaster Risk Reduction Workshop

Building partnerships for greater disaster resilience
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At the JTI Foundation we have the ambition to be more than just a donor. We aim to foster opportunities for our partners to widen their networks and to enable synergies wherever possible.
From September 2 to September 3, 2015, the JTI Foundation invited 13 organizations, including six of its current partners, to Bangkok to discuss opportunities for extending collaboration in the field of Disaster Risk Reduction. The Workshop was hosted and facilitated by in cooperation with JTI Foundation’s long-term partner, ADPC.
September 2015
implementing partner
The Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre

Disaster Risk Reduction is increasingly being recognized as a priority for sustainable development.

Investing in Disaster Risk Reduction has been a key priority for the JTI Foundation since 2011. We recognize the need to highlight the continuing requirement for greater investment in the area of preventive, Disaster Risk Reduction initiatives. We also believe that bringing together key actors in this field will lead to more effective programming, resulting in communities that are more resilient in the event of future disasters.

The JTI Foundation Disaster Risk Reduction Workshop was organized in this context. Over two days, 27 participants representing 17 countries from 13 different organizations working in the field of Disaster Management, had the opportunity to present their work, learn from each other’s strengths, and establish a roadmap for joint action in several areas of Disaster Risk Reduction.

This is not the first time the JTI Foundation has brought its partners together to explore the scope for operational synergies. In 2013, the JTI Foundation Search And Rescue and Emergency Relief Workshop in Istanbul enabled four partner organizations to explore the scope for greater collaboration – numerous examples of which have subsequently come to fruition.

The Workshop included a demonstration of a community evacuation drill, basic search and rescue and first aid, in Ayutthaya province – a project supported by the JTI Foundation between 2012 and 2013, and implemented by ADPC. ADPC also hosted the two day meetings, providing a solid platform for discussions during the event.

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