International Social Service – Switzerland (ISS-CH)

Reintegration, improving life chances of migrants returning to their home countries
The purpose is to help the reintegration of vulnerable migrants on their return to their home countries, by providing training and designing and financing individual and family projects.
jti foundation allocation
CHF 200,000
January 1, 2019 - December 31, 2020
implementing partner
International Social Service - Switzerland

The program is presented to vulnerable migrants interested in voluntary return after their asylum claims were rejected in Switzerland.  It is expected that 260 cases will be processed in the next two years, of which some 140 individual and family projects will be implemented with the support of local partners from the ISS network.

What does this support involve?

  • It will provide the returning migrants with the skills, resources and in-country support required to establish self-sustaining enterprises;
  • It demonstrates to them that there are viable means to return voluntary and without stigma to their home countries, and to contribute to those countries’
  • Returning will potentially encourage the further voluntary return of displaced individuals and families and help to stabilize the local economy
  • Reverse a potential ‘brain drain; as it is often the better educated, more resourceful and entrepreneurial, who leave to seek a better quality of life overseas.
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