Coordination of relief and assistance

Supporting volunteer work
The earthquake and tsunami left more than 3,200 people dead or missing in Ishinomaki city.
Of a total 163,000 inhabitants of Ishinomaki city, 110,000 were directly affected by the disaster - with some 30,000 people losing their jobs as a result of subsequent economic disruption. In addition, around 78,000 buildings were damaged, of which 44,000 were completely destroyed.
jti foundation allocation
CHF 180,254
2011 - 2013
implementing partner
Ishinomaki Future Support Association (IFSA)
formerly the Ishinomaki Disaster Recovery Assistance Council (IDRAC)

Immediately after disaster struck, local volunteers formed the Ishinomaki Future Support Association (IFSA) - formerly known as IDRAC - to coordinate the work of over 300 international and local NGOs and NPOs, and more than 70,000 volunteers in the area. The JTI Foundation funded IFSA's staff, enabling them to continue the organization's activities on a paid basis.

IFSA was the key information and coordination hub for all those involved in disaster response. Cooperating with the Ishinomaki City Council, IFSA acted as the general disaster management coordination body, and was represented at all daily council and local Disaster Response Headquarters meetings chaired by Ishinomaki's Mayor – the only Not for profit institution to have officially fulfilled this role.


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