Helping migrants find new opportunities for their future

Helping migrants in Switzerland and worldwide
Responding to the needs of vulnerable migrants, the work of ISS provides a way to assist people currently living in Switzerland, who have returned, or want to go back to their country of origin, to contribute to the development of their communities.
Since 2004, ISS has been largely involved in supporting migrants find alternative ways to build their future through the Program “Reintegration in the country of origin”.
jti foundation allocation
CHF 120,000
JAN-DEC 2018
implementing partner
Swiss Foundation of the International Social Service (ISS)

While the causes of migratory crisis are many and complex, and the motives of individual migrants vary widely, the fact is that not all migrants currently residing in Switzerland have the right to remain, under national laws or international legal frameworks. These include failed asylum seekers, non-returning students whose courses have finished, victims of human trafficking and illegal immigrants.

ISS helps beneficiaries who are engaged into a process of voluntary return to their country of origin. Specifically, ISS’s reintegration programs support returning migrants to be better resourced upon their return so that their life chances, and those of their families are sustainable and improved.

Working in Switzerland and with overseas partners, ISS focuses on developing and implementing individual projects that maximize the chances that individual migrants build up concrete perspectives but also contribute to the development of their home countries. Priority is given to projects that demonstrably assist not only the immediate beneficiaries, but also the wider communities to which they are returning.

Overall, this program will support between 50 and 60 individual projects benefitting around 150 people each year.

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