Flood relief in Khartoum state

When immediate response is key
During August 2013, many areas of Sudan experienced heavy flash flooding, which by some estimates affected as many as 530,000 people.
jti foundation allocation
CHF 161,832
implementing partner

According to a UN OCHA report in August 2013, between 15,000 and 18,000 houses were destroyed by flooding, with the state of Khartoum the most severely impacted. With Foundation support, ShelterBox was rapidly able to deploy 504 family-sized tents to communities in Khartoum state.

The JTI Foundation has partnered ShelterBox since 2012 – initially  supporting operational capacity building. It has also provided non-food items for pre-positioned ShelterBoxes, and funded the purchase and distribution of tents.

This intervention in Sudan responded to a situation where immediate emergency assistance was critically required. In this context, ShelterBox’s teams were instrumental in the rapid deployment of temporary shelters for communities affected by the flash floods.

In the initial phase of this program, ShelterBox conducted an assessment selecting 504 families most in need of support and supplying them with ShelterBox tents, clearly responding to the community’s immediate needs.

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