GEA: Focus on Operational Capacity

Maintaining, extending and improving operational capacity at GEA Turkish Search & Rescue (SAR) organization
More than 1000 GEA volunteers will benefit from trainings, simulations, GEA Search and Rescue training camps for volunteers and workshops. These dedicated volunteers will be better equipped to respond to disasters.
jti foundation allocation
CHF 150,000
November 1st 2017 to October 30th 2018
implementing partner
GEA - Turkish Search & Rescue (SAR) organisation

GEA was established in Turkey in 1994 as a Search & Rescue, Ecology and Social Campaigns Group. It is internationally recognized as a prominent search & rescue organization with a proven track record both in Turkey and overseas.  GEA works on both national and international levels to respond to all manner of disasters that threaten people’s lives, and particularly to save people trapped under rubble.  

Over the past 23 years GEA search & rescue team has conducted more than 45 rescue and humanitarian interventions after large scale national and international disasters - ranging from earthquakes to floods and landslides. GEA aims to respond to disasters within several hours with their teams of well-trained and equipped volunteers.

The JTI Foundation funding will help enable them to do so by maintaining, extending and improving their operational capacity.  GEA and JTIF have had a strong working relationship since 2005. The total project budget amounts to CHF 520,000 and is funded by multiple donors.

The JTI Foundation’s support has significantly contributed to building GEA’s capacity to immediately respond to disasters and help the people most impacted by them. With this backing, GEA’s administrative and logistical infrastructure is also strengthened thereby greatly increasing their efficiency. The JTI Foundation’s support in its next cycle is to further enhance and sustain its operational capacity so GEA can deploy better-trained volunteer search & rescue teams in Turkey and internationally. Apart from training, simulation, workshops, camps and in-field activities, the funds will also provide for the provision of new, and the maintenance of existing search and rescue equipment, actual deployments and administrative costs.

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