Helping people to return to a semblance of a normal life
A group of employees volunteered to start the "Gambaro (Hang in there!) JT Group" campaign in March 2011, raising funds for Japanese colleagues affected by the earthquake and tsunami.
jti foundation allocation
CHF 910,624
implementing partner
JT Group

The Gambaro campaign was launched to assist staff from the JT Group affected by the disaster in Fukushima, Miyagi, Tochigi and Ibaragi regions, to return to their pre-disaster daily routines as best they could. The JTI Foundation provided further funds to the campaign.

Donations were distributed to those affected by the devastating earthquake. The distribution of these funds supported over 1,000 employees and their families in 11 different prefectures. 33 received donations in the area of human suffering (dead or missing relatives), and 964 for damage to their homes. In addition, donations were made to 72 employees who had to evacuate their homes.


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