Building capacity at GEA in Turkey and worldwide

Time, speed, equipment and training! Further upgrades are on the way for GEA’s search & rescue (SAR) capabilities.
GEA has been responding to disasters since 1994. Over this time, the volunteer organisation has conducted more than 45 SAR missions and other humanitarian interventions in the wake of earthquakes, explosions, floods and landslides.
GEA’s activities also include delivering medical assistance, post-disaster needs assessments, logistical support and the distribution of relief items.
jti foundation allocation
CHF 200,000
implementing partner
GEA Search & Rescue

The JTI Foundation has enjoyed a strong partnership with GEA since 2005. Throughout the partnership, operational capacity at GEA has consistently increased, improving GEA’s ability to deploy its volunteer SAR teams in response to disasters both in Turkey and abroad.

GEA is aiming for a greater range and larger number of more effective search and rescue deployments. With The JTI Foundation’s support, as many as 1,000 GEA volunteers will have their search and rescue skills enhanced. To improve disaster-preparedness, 120 training sessions and workshops will be delivered to GEA volunteers.

Further program deliverables include networking with national and international NGOs and public institutions, and sharing GEA’s experience and best practice with international disaster agencies and the global SAR community. GEA’s administrative infrastructure will also be strengthened. A permanent administrative staff is developing to improve project, financial and volunteer management.

GEA is working closely with the UN’s International Search and Rescue Advisory Group (INSARAG) and GEA’s teams will accomplish ‘Light SAR team’ accreditation in 2019.  This will be achieved through further capacity building, readiness and continuous development of the Light SAR team.

Approximately 1,000 victims of disasters will benefit from the program over its duration.

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